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PR & Communication Services

We are a full-service boutique agency. We specialize working with wellness brands in the food, lifestyle, and beauty industries. Our goal is to help you tell your unique story and reach your target audience through strategic PR campaigns.

This is what we're really good at

We are skilled communicators and strategic thinkers who are able to navigate the complex media landscape and craft compelling stories to engage your audience(s).

At JJPR Agency, we stand apart from the industry by fostering a supportive work culture that prioritizes sharing resources, teamwork, and altruistic PR efforts. Our approach leads to better results for you because of our tension-free work environment.

Media Relations

Our team has established relationships with key journalists and influencers in the wellness industry. We work to secure coverage for you in top-tier media outlets and online platforms.

Digital Marketing Optimization

Achieve PR goals effectively by using a combination of traditional PR and digital marketing techniques. We leverage our PR efforts to reach and engage with a wider audience, build relationships with key stakeholders, and measure the impact of our efforts. 

eCommerce PR 
Affiliate Marketing

We develop targeted and effective PR strategies to increase brand visibility. We help clients launch new programs, reach new customers and drive sales through performance-based marketing programs.

Strategic Partnerships

Foster mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations to build stronger relationships with key stakeholders, drive business growth, and increase brand awareness.

Influencer Marketing

We help you build relationships with the right influencers to drive brand awareness and engagement.

Brand Identity

We assist with the development and implementation of a strong brand identity that resonates with target audiences.

Let Us Create Your PR Proposal 

Whether you seek a recurring monthly service or a unique project, we can develop a tailored public relations proposal that fulfills your PR requirements.

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