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Founder & Seasoned Publicist, Jackie Jorge

We connect people, brands and products to the world. At JJPR, we are passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed in the ever-evolving Communications/PR industry. We strive to create a nurturing and empowering environment where we can share our knowledge and insight to help you achieve your goals. Our team is dedicated to providing creative and comprehensive solutions that will make a lasting impact.

Our mission is to provide digital PR and communications services that are tailored to each of your needs. We are dedicated to helping businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs build their presence in the digital world, while providing a positive and supportive environment for female publicists to grow their skills and confidence.


What Others Say About Us

"Jackie and I worked closely together on media, press, and program strategy and launches. Jackie truly embodies the values and spirit of any brand she represents and I always felt as though I had an authentic ambassador in Jackie — which is why I felt comfortable and confident in letting her both create the direction of our campaigns and speak on our behalf of the brand."

- Whole30 Co-Founder & CEO Melissa Urban

"It's a joy to communicate with Jackie. She's positive, energetic, creative, and forward-thinking. She has a uniquely experienced grasp of food and wellness and I value her appreciation for health professionals. She's a terrific collaborator and true PR professional.”

- Cynthia Sass, MPH, MA, RD, CSSD, Media Expert & NYT Bestselling Author

“Jackie is a dream publicist: always quick to respond, and very

helpful in terms of finding me brilliant experts to interview as well

as the latest research studies. A joy to work with!”

- Jennifer Scruby, Freelance Journalist for VOGUE Magazine

"I have worked in the PR industry for 8 years. I know for a fact that no other agency could have produced the results that Jackie has produced for my company. Her proven track record and industry knowledge alone puts her at another caliber of expertise. I have never seen the level of passion, drive and sincere desire to create meaningful results that Jackie brings to the table. She is proactive and always thinking ahead– nothing falls through the cracks. Jackie puts her heart and soul into everything she does and it shows. Jackie has incredible insight into brand strategy and she has helped me tremendously with making pivotal decisions in my business. She thinks outside the box and is always coming up with creative ideas."

- BackEmbrace Founder & CEO Kara Froula

“I just adore Jackie and I would absolutely recommend her to

anyone looking for good PR.”

-SunHee Grinnell, Former Beauty Director, Vanity Fair

“Jackie is a true joy to work with and has proven herself to be a trusted

resource (and friend!). She¹s extremely informative when it comes to industry trends and her clients, and she always delivers exactly what I need (super quickly!) when it comes to stories and experts.

- Heather Muir Maffei, Beauty Director at Real Simple Magazine

“Jackie has made communication and collaboration on behalf of her

clients smooth and effortless, making my job as a journalists so

much easier. She understands my magazine’s target and is quick tofulfil any of my editorial requests.”

-Brittany Smith, Sr. Digital Editor, Men’s Journal

“Jackie is a consummate professional in all aspects of what she does.

We've worked together for many years in "classic" PR (I was a

magazine editor at Marie Claire, Shape, Real Simple and MORE) --

and more recently worked on an event together to promote one of

her clients. She is detail-oriented, on top of things (but never pushy),

knowing and mature.”

-Didi Gluck, Content Director, The Plum Online

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